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How can you help to build the Temple?

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Donations by U.S. Mail:
Temple Of King Solomon, Inc.
1865 S. County Road 489
Lewiston, MI 49756-8126

Anonymous donation

The construction of this Temple will be making a huge statement to the world, both in the present day as well as in the centuries to follow.

    The most asked question is, How can I make a donation and support this project?  Brother masons have expressed a desire to make donations in the names of their fathers, children, grandchildren and lodges or to be able to make a donation without recognition as an anonymous sponsor of the temple.

    This may seem a little hard to believe but figuring out how to accept donations is really one of the hardest pieces of this project.  The good news is that the construction of a project of this scale allows for several options we can offer the supporters.  There will be options for sponsoring everything from the Jachin and Boaz pillars in front of the temple or the inner court walls or even the path stones leading up to the temple and so on.

    The sponsors will be recorded forever as the builders of this great temple.  However, if you would prefer to keep your support anonymous, we would completely understand and respect your wishes in this matter.  All anonymous donations will be grouped together and referenced only as "Temple Sponsors".  The level of support you wish to provide is completely up to you.  You can make a single one time donation or you can make a donation monthly.

    The second most asked question would have to be about how lodges can support the temple construction.  On the donation form there is a spot so you can enter your lodge information.  All donations made by you will be posted in the record as donations raised by your lodge.  One of the rooms in the temple will be dedicated to the lodges that supported the temple construction.  In the "Hall of Lodges", every lodge where at least one brother how has made a donation will be featured. Each lodge will be mailed a questionnaire where, if the lodge wishes, they can list all the current brothers as well as telling us about their lodge and history of their lodge. One of our goals is to have every lodge featured in this hall.

    All donations accepted at this time will be used for the key things needed to get the construction underway.  Right now it is very important that we raise enough money to close on the land for the temple.  This by far is the most important thing we need to raise money for right now.  The site is 537 acres, at the corner of M32 & M33 with 3 lakes and a lot of trees.  This construction site is perfect!  I'm sure all Freemason's recognize the symbolism all over this project. Once the land is locked in we will have options you can select for your donations.

The Temple Of King Solomon, Inc. is a non-profit organization and we are in the process of applying for our 501(c)3 status so your donations are tax deductible.

Thank you in advance!