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This full scale replica of the Temple of King Solomon is being constructed as a gift and symbol to the world by brothers of the Freemasons fraternity.

The Temple construction will demonstrate that time; patience and perseverance can accomplish all things.  The lapse of time, the ruthless hand of ignorance and the devastations of war have laid waste and destroyed many valuable monuments of antiquity on which the utmost exertions of human genius have been employed, even the Temple of Solomon.  During its construction, thru the Wisdom of Solomon, envy, discord and confusion were not suffered to interrupt the universal peace and tranquility, which pervaded the world at that important period.

Why are Freemasons building a replica of King Solomon's Temple?

bullet The Freemasons are the perfect fraternity to build the Temple as we reach across all faiths.
bullet As we build the Temple we will unite, strengthen and build our fraternity!
bullet This project will enlighten millions of people throughout the world about the brotherhood of the Freemasons.
bullet Freemasons are the world's oldest living fraternity with brothers throughout the world united by the symbolical construction of the temple.
bullet To complete a project of this scale, the ranges of skills required are vast.  The unity of our fraternity brings together the necessary resources required.  Our brothers come from all walks of life and each bring a unique and valuable resource to the project.  Together we can accomplish what may seem unachievable by others.
bullet By constructing a full scale replica of King Solomon's Temple, our generation of Freemasons will be leaving the world a gift that will last for a millennia.
bullet The construction of the Temple embraces the fundamentals of Freemasonry and the Grand Architect.
bullet We must point out, we are not and do not speak for all brothers or the fraternity in whole. It is our intent to strengthen our fraternity and demonstrate to the world Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love.  And thru the symbolic use of the tools of our craft contribute to the general welfare of all mankind.

How will building a replica of King Solomon's Temple act as a symbol to the world?

bullet The Temple will be a symbol of God's unity with humanity.
bullet Be a symbol representing an era of peace in the world.
bullet The construction will enlighten people on the history and meanings of the Temple.
bullet We don't presume these reasons are the only reasons or are the same for everyone.

    People can set aside the differences that are tearing our world apart.  By focusing on what we share and have in common, we can bring a unity to mankind that is missing in today's world.